If you’re looking for a content-based stream of income, which does not rely on you trying to dominate in the search engine results pages or drive a high level of traffic to your site, then you may want to consider getting into the business of becoming a private label rights (PLR) vendor.

Private label rights is a business where you are selling content that you create for other people to buy. It’s similar to a freelance service provider situation, where you would be ghostwriting content or creating graphics or other media formats of content for others and letting them use it as their own.

The only difference between the freelance service provider and a private label rights vendor is that you are selling to multiple buyers over time, as opposed to exchanging hours for a set dollar amount. 

If you were ghostwriting for someone, the two of you would agree on a project with a certain number of pages or pieces at a specific price point – but with PLR, you have a product to sell and use in your business and there are no limits to what you can earn with it.

If you’re going to become a private label rights seller, you may have worried because you have seen people asking if PLR is dead. They have been asking this for more than two decades. 

It’s never a true statement, and the worry is completely unnecessary. In fact, more and more men and women are becoming online entrepreneurs who work from home and who are trying to build their own business. 

Because of this fact, they all need content. Many people fail to have the time, expertise, or talent to create content for their niche audience. That’s where you step in. You will be providing them with one piece of the puzzle that helps them complete their online business goals. 

While they are working on strategy and networking (as well as other planning elements), you will be creating the products that they will be able to use to attract people to their website, cater to their subscribers, and build a loyal following online.

You may also be the direct resource of the very products that they will be selling and earning a living with. There are many people who find out about a lucrative niche, but they don’t have the leadership to guide an audience themselves. 

They will be relying on you to create complete info products that they can use and brand as their own. The great thing about selling private label rights is that when a consumer begins to utilize this type of service and product, they will often keep coming back for years to come. 

This is a very convenient, affordable, and easy way for them to cross off a task on their to do list. Content demands never end for an online entrepreneur. They need to post to their blog frequently in an effort to appease search engine bots and prove that they have a fresh website. 

They have to do the same when catering to their email subscriber list. They need lead magnets in order to build a list. Not just one lead magnet, but a variety of them so that they can split test and attract subscribers who have different needs. 

They also need to have products to sell, scripts for video content they can create or audio podcasts that will help them build an audience, and more. This doesn’t just happen for one day or one week, or even for one year. 

It’s a continual process that lasts every day of every year, and it’s what will help them sustain their business growth over time. The second they stop publishing and catering to the needs of their niche, they will fall to the bottom of the marketplace as a more consistent marketer takes the lead.