Build a Complete Cash Funnel Using PLR

*Private label rights (PLR) is a great way to build your cash funnel with ease

Just imagine having countless funnels at your fingertips, for every niche imaginable (yep, including yours) where you can activate for any purpose (lead generation, engagement, affiliate promotions on multiple networks and more….) ready to use in only 27 seconds.


It includes access to the fully established marketplace where you can build and sell funnels to other marketers bringing extra revenue if you so choose.



When you are marketing online, you have a couple of options on how you generate money. One is to randomly set up pages and links online where you hope to capture the trust of the reader and make a sale.

The other method is more of a long-term success option – one where you are not thinking about a sale the very first time your visitors meet you, but where you build trust and enjoy a lengthy relationship online with repeat sales.

To achieve this, you use what is known as a funnel. A funnel is where you use content to introduce your visitor to your work and then they fall into a slippery slope, through a maze of communication meant to create loyalty and close the deal.

Private label rights (PLR) is a fantastic way to build your cash funnel with ease. You can use it all as is or tweak it in any amount to have it represent you online. The best thing to do is weave your own personality into the mix.

Push and Pull Visitors to Your Site Using PLR

Marketers always talk about driving traffic to their site. They use paid advertisements to get the job done, but you do not have to go that route if funds are limited. You can use PLR to push visitors or pull them into your site.

Let us talk about pushing them first. You can use private label rights articles anywhere online that you are able to post ideas and content – and include a link to any page on your website.

So, for instance, you can go onto your Facebook Fan Page or Google Plus, and share a portion of your PLR piece and a link back to your site. You might link to:

  • Your contact page
  • Your opt in page
  • Your About page
  • A blog post, etc.…

Using social media is not the only option, either. You can also use any other free platform, such as article directories that allow PLR (or PLR that you have tweaked into a more unique article).

Or you might use a portion of your PLR in a press release and submit that online to drive traffic to your site. You can do things like guest blogging, but Google is becoming concerned about this practice, so if you do use this traffic generator, be careful about how you do it.

Pulling visitors to your site is a matter of being consistent with your content creation. Using PLR can cut your time dramatically. You want search engine spiders crawling your site, and part of their formula is checking to see how often you deliver fresh content.

You can use PLR exclusively or mix it up with original content that you create from scratch. The more you post, the more often spiders come back to index your content. This can help you get ranked in search results pages, which pulls visitors into your content.

You can buy any type of PLR for this purpose – eBooks and reports that you break apart, articles and blog posts, and even email autoresponders that you use for public posts instead of inside emails.

All this public content is going to be competing with other buyers of your PLR, so out of your funnel, this is the most important part for you to edit. You can do simple tweaks like alter the title, and lightly change the wording – or you can do a complete overhaul and rewrite it line by line, using the PLR as a springboard only.

Either way, you shorten your time for the task because the brainstorming, researching, organizing and creation of the content is already done for you.

Tempt Them with a Great Opt In Offer

Once visitors arrive at your site, you want to introduce them to your opt in offer and this is the perfect way to shortcut your success by using PLR. With an opt in offer, the content is not publicly scanned by search engines, so there is no need to worry about competition.

You simply pick an opt in offer that is relevant to your niche, from a top-quality PLR store of course, and then add your name and links to it, convert it into a PDF, and upload it as a gift for your subscribers.

You can use any PLR from 5 pages to any amount. Remember that an opt in offer should show fair value – but at the same time, leave enough opportunity open for you to sell something to your audience, too.

If you cannot find any PLR reports fitting the bill, try compiling articles into a report – all it takes is five well-written articles to ensure you have a report worthy of being in an opt in offer.

Go through and edit it for your voice and style if you can. You want to have everything reflect your values and style, but if you are strapped for time, just use it as is (if it is quality).

Turn Them from Prospects to Customers with Convincing Emails

Email autoresponders can help you with the common occurrence where it takes prospects a total of seven times of being exposed to your item for sale to make them pull the trigger on it.

You can use PLR that is specifically designed to work as email autoresponders, or you can simply buy PLR articles or blog posts and convert them into email autoresponders. You can even break up an eBook and use it as snippets from the product you are selling.

These are teaser emails that are designed to inform and educate the reader (as well as highlight your expertise), but not give everything away. All you need is a 3–10-day autoresponder to convert into sales.

PLR can also work for daily or weekly emails – just to help you stay in touch with your subscribers on a regular basis. You can grab a high-quality PLR pack of 52 articles and queue up one per week for a full year!

Just make sure that if you promote something within your emails, you track whether it is active. Sometimes a product seller will take their product down and you will not know it – so you will be sending subscribers to a down page.

Deliver Your Subscribers to the Cash Funnel Page

Your emails and other content should deliver your visitors and subscribers to the sales pages you have set up to generate cash for you. You can use a PLR eBook as the item you are selling to the public, usually without passing along the PLR rights to others.

This also does not have to be edited heavily because it is a downloadable product for your customers, and not something public for the search engine spiders. Sometimes you can find PLR eBooks that come with a sales copy letter in PLR form.

Now this would need to be tweaked. It is easy to do, rearranging headings and benefits. Go through line by line and see how much you can alter on it – saying the same thing, but in a slightly unique way.

One way you can change things up is to create a bonus section where your bonuses are something unique because you are using a report you created or a PLR report you got that was separate from the original PLR pack.

So, you can add the text for that bonus to our sales page and no one else will have that on theirs. Just make sure the sales copy reflects any changes you may make to the PLR eBook if you go in heavily editing it.

Rack Up Repeat Sales with Follow Up Content

One sale is great! But your real money is made when you turn a paying customer into a loyal repeat customer. To do this using PLR, you will need to work out a few details. The first thing you need to do is space the next introduction of a product for sale nicely.

Every niche will be different – so test your audience to see when they are most likely to make a second purchase with you. It might be a month, a week – or even the very next day!

The next thing you need to do is find other products to promote to them. The best way to go about this is to buy other good products from the same service provider. This way, you maintain the voice and quality within the sales funnel.

But even if you cannot find something there, you can promote other products to them that you bought from other PLR providers or wrote yourself!

Make sure the content is relevant – and that it complements the original purchase nicely. For instance, if you sold a diet plan eBook the first time around, sell them an exercise course the next time.

If you are in the Internet Marketing niche, you could promote one item, such as a blogging course, and then promote things like:

If you want unique items, but want to pay less than what a ghostwriter charges, try finding a ghostwriter who charges a lot less if you have them simply rewrite existing content in novel words.

Buy a good PLR funnel – the whole package with articles, emails, reports, and more – and have them create a unique voice for your niche leadership needs. This will free up a lot of your time and allow you to work on more pressing matters!